Rain fun! (and best purchase ever)

When we went to Germany, I bought the boys something literally every German child owns, but I have never seen them here: mud pants. My sister told me that her kids are required to have one spare pair of these pants at kindergarten, along with rain boots, because they go outside every day – no matter what weather. I love everything about that. Because I have two boys who like to jump, and I have a small Brooklyn apartment that is not suited for jumping. Especially because we have downstairs neighbors…


The boys were skeptical at first, but now they love these pants. We went on a long walk in pouring rain today.

IMG_2932 IMG_2933

They ran and jumped and splashed and actually sat in puddles. I was so jealous – I wish  I had pants like that. Or a proper raincoat.

Then we stopped by the playground; we were the only ones there. The slides were extra slippery and Julian loved flying off them.

IMG_2936 IMG_2935

On the walk home we caught the rain with our tongues.


I bought red wine. We have chicken pot pie leftovers, and pumpkin spice cookies.


And children who love to help with baking.


Fall is totally my season. I love it all. Extra blankets, tea, cookies, candles, children to cuddle with.

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