This Arthur of mine

So. This guy.


This guy has been having the hardest time adjusting to school. He’s so excited, in theory, about everything school-related. He knows and likes all the teachers; he’s known most of them all of his life. He knows all of the other kids. He’s there with his brother. He’s an outgoing, fun kid who is scared of close to nothing.

But when it comes to staying in school without his mama, he just falls apart. To the point where it’s become unbearable for everyone involved. He won’t let anyone comfort him, and nothing helps him out of his despair. He won’t stop sobbing until I show up, however long that takes. It’s been heartbreaking to see him so sad.

We spoke to the teachers at length and tried a very slow phase-in, but in the end decided to take him out until next year when he is three. There is no need for him to be in school right now when he truly isn’t ready, so we will try again next year. We were sure he would love it and wouldn’t want to come home, but goes to show that nothing is ever predictable when it comes to kids. Thanks for the reminder, Arthur.


I feel so much more at ease now that we’ve made the decision. In fact, I look forward to my days with “just” Arthur.

Now that he’s in his big boy bed, he’s been sneaking into my bed in the early morning hours – usually around 5:30 or 6am. He curls into my arms and puts his face to mine, and even though I usually don’t fall into a deep sleep again, I love it. He is the sweetest boy. He  loves all animals, and they tend to gravitate towards him. Our neighbor’s cats tolerate his cuddles beyond a reasonable level. He is kind to all people, and most of all his big brother. He defends him on the playground, and if he’s promised a treat of any kind, he always makes sure Julian will get one as well.

He’s been working so hard on his speech, and it’s amazing to see the progress he’s made in the last two months. I couldn’t be any prouder of him, or more delighted by him, so lucky me that I get to spend this extra time with him.


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