Germany! Day One.

We had a wonderful 8 days in Germany; I don’t even know where to start. Next summer it will be 10 years since I moved to NYC, so this was the first time I have ever been “home” where some things actually felt a little strange.

People looked at me like I was trying to play a joke on them when I asked for help with mailing packages, children’s clothing sizes or to have some menu item explained to me. I felt a little bit like a fish out of water, but of course a fish with completely accent-free German, ha. At the same time it did feel like home, because the buildings and streets and language are all so familiar. I think my heart will forever skip a beat each time I see the beautiful Rhine River.

The flight over was a night flight, and after an hour or so of some very hyper Arthur shenanigans, he fell asleep and slept the entire flight, as did the rest of us.

IMG_0754IMG_0804 IMG_0805

We arrived in Frankfurt on Friday morning and drove to my parents home in Andernach with our rental car, an Opel. Although we had been promised an Audi. Oh, the disappointments. (At least it wasn’t a VW.)

The first day we hung out at home and then went down to the Rhine River and let the kids play on a playground. It was a gorgeous day. German playgrounds are so different! There are sand and wood chips for the kids to play in, and all the play structures are more spread out. Almost every playground we went to has a little carousel of some sort.

IMG_0801 IMG_0802 IMG_0806

Then we had dinner at an Italian restaurant and later on ice cream. Oh. Germans love Italian food, my parents included. Italian food must be the most popular food for Germans, next to, of course, Spaghetti ice cream – which of course is also Italian. Or should I say German-Italian?

At the restaurant, Arthur’s jet lag caught up with him. Not the most flattering of photos; sorry, kid. After his little catnap we woke him up in time for his first Spaghetti Eis.

IMG_0807 IMG_0808

My dad booked us a vacation rental apartment for the days we were there, and we slept like babies there on our big German-sized fluffy pillows and cozy, fluffy blankets. The boys and us kept very similar schedules while we were there and went to bed around 9 or 10pm and slept for around 12 hours. We were all exhausted, every day, but in a good way.

On to Day Two!

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