Germany! Day Four.

This was the day the boys had been waiting for for many weeks. Or months? The day was finally here…they got to ride the German high speed train, the ICE. Here they are, eagerly awaiting its arrival.


And off we went! It was so fast we had to make a run for it…


We took the train to Köln and spent a lovely day there just walking around and looking at stuff. Like this:


It always feels like home when I see this cathedral.

We stopped for some German food and many tiny Kölsch beer.


We ate out so much during this vacation that it was difficult to keep the boys entertained. I think it was overwhelming for them at times, combined with lots and lots of walking and then sitting down while us grown-ups wanted to relax for a moment as well. My parents’ expectations for restaurant behavior is a little different from ours. Julian behaved well, mostly, but Arthur had a difficult time sitting still, and for me it was very hard to be firm, understanding, engaging, conversational, playful, and calm all at the same time when really I just wanted to put my feet up and close my eyes. This week in Germany was many things, but restful is not one of them. I guess that’s what beach vacations are for.

The boys did get to run around plenty, and, you know, pretend to be boats.


Next: Days Five to the end! You made it!

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