Night Cuddle

Yesterday was a big day for Arthur. Sometimes it’s easy to brush over these things with the second kid and with the business of life.

But after I took Arthur home from school around lunch time and had him nap for a bit, I had to wake him up again because it was time to pick up Julian. I put Arthur in the Ergo; he is so tall now that his face is at the same level of mine. He wrapped his arms around my neck and rested his head on my shoulder. After a while he was awake enough to start chatting, and during the subway ride over to the school we talked. His face was so close to mine, and it was lovely. I have to resist the urge to kiss his cheeks at all times, but sometimes it’s hard. It was the first moment in months that I had alone with Arthur, and I hadn’t even realized it.

Arthur was amazing during his speech therapy session yesterday – just when I had feared that he would be too tired after school and all the impressions of the first day. But he was incredible.

Papa was stuck in the Midwest for another night due to weather, so I had the big bed to myself. At around 11pm, I snuck into the boys’ room and stole Arthur. I laid him down next to me, and we cuddled.

At 1am I had a foot on my face and returned him to his crib. He woke up for a second and complained that I hadn’t read him a book. Haha, nice try, kid.

While he was lying next to me, I studied his serious sleeping face. I was thinking of everything he is and everything I hope for his future. His bright spirit and silly sense of humor, his adventurous bravery and inability to ever be still, his kind heart and compassion. I renewed my promise to always hear him, to protect him, and to kiss his cheeks 100 times a day.

He just woke up, just before 9am. He’s singing in his crib. Time to go kiss those cheeks.


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