Back to School!

Well, after many weeks of summer fun, it was finally back to school for our boys. It was a much anticipated day; the boys were very excited.

I wasn’t too nostalgic, definitely not as much as I was on Julian’s very first day two years ago, when I couldn’t have told you who of the two of us was more anxious. It was hard for me to send my baby off to school then, even though I was so excited to have some time with Arthur, who was barely four months old then!

And now he, our actual baby baby, was off to school, too. The boys go to a small, German Montessori school here in Brooklyn. They have all ages in the same “class,” so Julian and Arthur are together. I think it will definitely help Arthur to ease into his new routine to have his brother by his side.

This morning I was mostly nervous about getting everyone fed, dressed and out the door by 8:20am. After our lazy summer hours, this seemed almost undoable, especially with Jeff being away on a work trip. Of course everything fell into place perfectly, and it was a very relaxed morning. The boys even had time to play and do puzzles before they headed off.


Look at these big boys!!


And off they went…

IMG_9651 IMG_9652 IMG_9653 IMG_9654

Today I stayed with them for most of the day. I did say goodbye for a brief moment, and Arthur was very happy to say goodbye. But then I guess he had second thoughts and started crying, just as I had sat down with a latte and a croissant at a coffee shop around the corner. In an effort to make his first school day a positive experience, I was asked to return and hang out some more.

IMG_9655 IMG_9656 IMG_9657

Arthur had to leave before lunch time, as part of the phase-in. He was not pleased. He had a pretty solid meltdown and kicked and screamed when I carried him out. He wanted to stay, but truth be told probably only if I stayed also. On the way home he kept saying, “Jules? Miss Jules.”

I know today was the first day, and overall I am happy with how it went. Even though it sucked making Arthur leave when he seemed to want to stay. Julian is now one of the oldest kids there, and Arthur is one of the two youngest. I hope that they will each find their place and keep growing together and independently from one another. I hope that Arthur will soon learn to trust his teachers and make new friends.

And now I can’t wait to pick up Julian this afternoon! Arthur and I will both be so happy to have him back. We may have to celebrate with donuts.

P.S. Just for kicks, this was our “back to school” last year.

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