Saturday Fun

Jeff only got to hang out with us one day this Labor Day weekend: Saturday. So we made the most of it. We spent most of the day hanging out on Governor’s Island.


We played on the different playgrounds but really spent most of our time laying around on a picnic blanket. We had salads (fruit and veggie), almond butter, banana & honey sandwiches, popcorn, and beer.


We played soccer, and the boys played with sticks and trucks and trains. Jeff and I both took naps. The boys went exploring and played in the moat of Fort Jay. No pictures of that because I was sleeping.

IMG_9434 IMG_9356

We took the ferry back and rode our bikes over to Brooklyn Crab. Arthur fell asleep on the way over and stayed asleep while I carried him around into the back, where Julian played and had an ice cream (psssst…don’t tell Arthur), and Jeff and I had a beer.


We went upstairs to eat dinner, and Arthur stayed asleep for an additional 20 minutes. He’s amazing. Then he woke up and looked confused.


Julian is totally terrified of crabs and lobsters and doesn’t even want to be near them. Jeff was accidentally brought the wrong “steam pot” with much scarier-looking crab legs than the ones pictured above, and Julian literally refused to sit down until they were removed. The real steam pot with the tiny little crabs was thankfully deemed less frightening, and so we could eat in peace. Arthur ate his weight in mussels. We couldn’t get them out of their shells fast enough.


On our way home we stopped at Brooklyn Farmacy for ice cream.


We rode home in the dark, with the cool wind in our faces and music playing on the speaker. It’s those moments where I can’t think of anything that should be different or better or anywhere else I’d rather be.

Additional highlight from earlier this week:

We met Julian’s school friend and her Papa for playtime and a picnic. When I looked away for one second, Arthur had run through the sprinklers. Fully dressed, of course. The look on his face was so priceless, because he knew he had done something mischievous, and it felt so good. Julian shortly followed suit, and they had so much fun.


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