Last Days of Summer

One more week until school starts, and three more weeks until the official beginning of fall. Help me.

I’m not ready to let this summer go. It went by too fast, and even though I know we had so much fun and many adventures, I’m just not ready for it to end.

So we’re trying to enjoy it while we can.


We’ve been spending lots of time outside with visits to the pool and sprinklers.

IMG_8992 IMG_9136 IMG_9133 IMG_9137

I love loading up the bike, bringing a picnic, some bubbles and sidewalk chalk, and a couple of trains or cars and see what happens.

IMG_9135 IMG_9134

Two things we’ve been working on lately:

Julian has been struggling a lot with how to deal when he is losing control. When things don’t go his way, he loses his temper to the point of no return. Once he is in that state, there is literally nothing I can do or say. And that has been very hard. It’s hard for me not to lose my patience because that behavior is so infuriating. It drives me insane when he acts that way. Yesterday he fought Arthur over a stupid Matchbox car and got into such a rage that we had to leave the pop-up pool prematurely – which sucked and was unfair to his brother, and his mother. But I just can’t tolerate a meltdown of such epic proportions in public, complete with sand-kicking and utter defiance. So, we spoke about it a lot yesterday, and we agreed that next time he feels that feeling of rage rising inside of him, usually when he is confronted with a problem he cannot solve on his own, he has to come to me for help. Today that happened twice; and the first time I had to stop him in his tracks and make eye contact and ask, “Is there something I can help you with?” And that did the trick. The second time, he stopped himself – just in the moment when I saw it on his face that he was about to lose control. And he said, “Mama, can you help me with this?” We solved the problem together. For the record, the “problems” here are usually a toy he had and that Arthur took, or a toy that Julian wants and Arthur is playing with, or some other very important hugely significant thing that, you know, only matters to a four year old. OMG. Kids are insane.

The other thing, on a more upbeat note, is hurray! We have a potty-trained two year old. Not even three weeks in, I consider this thing done. The beach probably set us back a few days, just because Arthur was so busy playing in the sand, and I wasn’t paying very much attention because I was stuffing my face with hoagies and pretzel chips. But now that we are back to normal life, that kid means business. I am super impressed; he’s exactly one year ahead of Julian at the time. So yay for no more diapers.

Anyway. Tonight, after a fun-filled day, I took the boys out for hamburgers and ice cream to a restaurant on our street. It was lovely to sit outside with a cold beer and my crazy boys and to talk about our days. Here’s to the summer that I wish could last forever!

(And oh, hm. I just had a feeling I had already used this title here before, and turns out I had. Exactly one year ago to the day. Just re-reading those words almost makes me cry, because it feels like yesterday. I can still taste those chocolatey eclairs.)

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