Down the Shore

We spent last week in Avalon at the beach for our annual Weston beach vacation. It was a wonderful week with family.

Highlights included…

The Beach! Obviously.

IMG_8476 IMG_8507 IMG_8690IMG_8950IMG_7878 IMG_8955IMG_8526

The boys loooooved the beach. The sand, the ocean, the waves, all of it. We went to the beach every day, except one, and didn’t get tired of it. Each day we dug holes and pools and tunnels for the kids – and one day Uncle Ray created sand bowling. So that was hours of entertainment right there.


Family Time.


I especially love watching all the cousins together. Julian and Ben, born 9 hours apart, are thick as thieves.

IMG_8954 IMG_8212

Arthur fell in love with his big cousin Amelia and spent most of his day following her around. “Melia? Melia?”



It’s no secret that we love Coney Island. So naturally, Wildwood is right up our alley. The kids hit all the rides.

11931226_301712429999366_1652710680_n 11820416_640205886121067_1917667666_n 11330704_1631024327137422_119778978_n 11357727_175410706123900_592577029_n 11850003_109401222747905_401731786_nIMG_8399

And towards the end, right before cotton candy and funnel cake pushed us over the edge, we won huge donuts playing whack-a-mole.


These, and the edible kind as well.


Lazy Mornings.

No one slept in, of course, ever. Because even though it’s a vacation and no matter how tired children are, they still get up at completely unreasonable hours. But we had lovely breakfasts every morning, lots of coffee, and crazy kids who entertained each other. And a deck to sit on.

IMG_7879 IMG_8514IMG_7880 IMG_8117 IMG_8056

Dates. Jeff and I got to sneak out a couple of times. We went on a bike ride through Avalon, and one night we strolled around the neighboring town of Stone Harbor and had drinks at a bar by the beach. Total highlight was a walk on the beach in the dark with an almost full moon and lightning far away on the ocean, turning the sky orange every other minute or so. It was magical.


Non-highlights included this guy getting car sick on our way to Avalon…


…and whatever it was that happened to that guy. Bug bite? We will never know. But the Rocky references and the “You should have seen the other guy” comments did not get old. Or did they?

IMG_8554 IMG_8949

Until next time, Avalon.

IMG_8617 IMG_8615 IMG_8662IMG_8948

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