Potty talk

If you asked me what’s been going on over the last week or so, I would probably reply, “I don’t want to talk about it.” But now that I’m sitting here with a glass of wine and BBQ chicken smell filling my house and everyone being peaceful, I feel like we’re out of the woods. And I can breathe again. Insert: Critical Arthur in underpants (more on those later).


I was sick all weekend. I didn’t leave the house Saturday or Sunday and actually mostly stayed in bed. It was one of the least fun colds of my lifetime. Jeff was great and took the boys to a really fun playground at Chelsea Piers, so I was sad I missed it. The boys all took great care of me, and so far – most importantly – none of them caught my bug (which presumably came from the kids in the first place). I always worry about Arthur’s breathing when a cold is making the rounds.


And because we weren’t busy enough this summer, I decided to potty train Arthur. He is exactly a year younger than Julian was, so I was slightly skeptical. But he showed all the signs of being ready, and I was encouraged by my friend who was potty training her son who is Arthur’s age. So…I won’t bore you with more potty talk, but I’m just going to say that it’s not necessarily a week I’d like revisit ever again.


Potty training is a lot of work – and messy. Yuck. Anyway. Six days in and he’s been accident free for two days and is also dry during nap and at night (although he still wears a diaper when he sleeps). I feel good about the work we’ve put into it, and I’m proud of Arthur. But man, this right there is the reason why I will never have a third child. I mean, that and the fact we live in Brooklyn where anything larger than a closet is unaffordable. Anyway, who cares. More underpants pictures!


Speaking of progress, Arthur finally started speech therapy this week. To say I love his therapist would be an understatement. She is amazing; young and energetic and fun. I’d like her to move in with us. And it brings me to tears to see Arthur flourish and get undivided attention (for 30 minutes 3x a week, let’s not get carried away). He is so smart. It makes me so happy to finally hear the stories and thoughts he has inside his head spill out.

Overall my patience has been stretched a bit thin this past week. We’ve been home a lot more because of holy potty training, plus I’ve not been feeling well, and I think we’ve all been missing our city adventures and feeling connected to each other.


Today was a good day. We played in the water, had a picnic, and rode scooter and bike. But my personal highlights were sitting on the couch with Julian, his head in my lap, and talking about our day. And also Arthur’s therapy session and watching his little mind grow by the second.

IMG_7733 IMG_7732

And on Friday we’re off to the beach for a week!

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