City kids, city fun

This summer is flying by! I only have four more weeks with the boys before school starts, and one of those weeks will be spent with family at the Jersey shore.

So we’re having as much fun as we can! Since it’s been a bit cooler (relatively speaking), we’ve been going on a few bike rides through Brooklyn Bridge Park and have spent hours playing at Pier 6. They have enormous slides, a fun water park, and a huge sand area. Julian found a rainbow and was blown away. It was pure magic.

IMG_7149 IMG_7004

We eat lunch outside almost every day, and we see our friends. Sadly we had to say goodbye to Julian’s first best friend, Elliot. He and his family are moving away to the Middle East. So that’s totally sad. The kids are so adorable together.


This weekend we had one super busy, crazy fun day, and one more relaxed day. On Saturday, Jeff’s mom, sister, and her three children met us for the day in Prospect Park. The kids played at Lakeside, went on the carousel, and we went to the zoo. They are so cute together; I can’t take it. They will love playing together at the beach this year! (This was last year…they were so tiny.)

IMG_7220 IMG_7247 IMG_7248

Oh, and we had the genius idea to rent this bike for them, but uphill was a bit rough…


Then we went to Brooklyn Crab, which was packed on a Saturday night. I miss our lazy Friday afternoons there from earlier this summer. Dinner lasted forever, and we didn’t get home until 10pm. The boys never napped, so they were exhausted.


Everyone slept in the next day until, you know, 7am. We lounged around on the couch for a couple of hours, ate pancakes and went for a walk around the neighborhood.

We stopped for bagels and blintzes at a Polish restaurant on our street…


…and then took looooong naps.

We went to Soho in the afternoon and picked out new glasses for me. I’m so excited! The boys ran up and down the streets, pretending to be trains. All the little steps and stoops of Soho make for a perfect playground, apparently. Never mind us, sophisticated Soho crowd. It’s just a couple of boy trains coming through.


We ate dinner at Bareburger and sat outside. The boys were wonderful. Everyone was happy. It was a lovely, relaxing end to a great week and weekend.


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