Busy bees

It’s been a busy week! The main thing that I was really anticipating was Arthur’s annual check-up with the allergist. For the first time ever I had to take both boys, so after nap time in blazing 95 degree weather we headed uptown to the Mount Sinai pediatric allergy center.

If my boys didn’t love trains so much, all of these trips would be so much more work. This way they truly enjoy the train ride. And once we got off they got to see Metro North on the tracks on the Upper East Side. So all of that was amazing. Bonus: city busses! They were super stoked and very patient throughout the entire doctor’s appointment. Arthur was re-tested for all of his allergies.


We got some good news and some not so good news, but overall some of Arthur’s allergies are improving while the two worst offenders, walnuts and sesame, got worse and are still very bad and dangerous for him.

The train ride home was exhausting. Rush hour traffic, no one got a seat, people were bitching about a stroller on the subway, and then – as luck would have it – there was some sort of incident and no trains were going into Brooklyn from Bowling Green. It took us 2 hours to get home, but when we got there Jeff had ordered pizza and poured wine, and all was good in the world. The boys not once complained. We were all so tired (and out of snacks!), but Julian literally said to me, “We’re on such a cool train adventure!” as we were trying to make our way through an overcrowded platform with hundreds of straphangers. I have a pair of cool city boys.

Other than that we’ve been having some fun.

Water fun…


Fun on the bike and at the pool…


Fun with friends…

IMG_6648 IMG_6569

And lots of playing and building of things…


It’s been a busy, hot week – but we definitely squeezed in some good times.


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