Monkeys, lions, and more monkeys

Today we took our monkeys to hang out with their relatives at the Bronx Zoo (does this joke ever get old? It probably just did).

First stop after having spent more than an hour on the subway was, naturally, the monorail. Arthur blew kisses to the animals; he seems to be a lover of all creatures.

Highlights of the day were the African animals, the mouse house (Arthur is oddly obsessed with mice), the butterflies, the gorillas, and the bug carousel. Although they don’t look too excited here…


The zoo is aways great fun, but it is always so, so exhausting. So much walking, so much to see, and it is usually pretty hot – although not too hot today.

We had brought our own lunch, and as we were eating and sitting down for a moment to take a break, Jeff noted that it does get easier. And it does. I remember outings to the zoo with sweaty, crying, tiny babes. Or irrational toddlers. Two and four isn’t always awesome, but it is pretty manageable most days.

Transportation-wise it pretty much went from this…


…to this…

IMG_3688 IMG_3689

…to this…


…to this…


…and finally this:


I can’t say enough good things about the Ergo. It is so comfortable to wear even heavy “babies.” And that moment when Arthur fell asleep and rested his whole body on mine, his messy hair in my face and both of us pretty sweaty…I know it doesn’t sound pleasant, but it is. It was. He slept on me for the majority of the subway ride home, while Julian snoozed in the stroller. Every time a moment like this happens, every last glimpse of baby left in my boys, is so special. I will treasure these moments forever.

Also, this moment:


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