Happy Birthday, Baby!

I would have written about my husband’s birthday weekend much earlier, but he decided to update and “reboot” (?) my computer, so it’s been doing computer things for days now, hence the delay.

Anyway. We spent Saturday in Prospect Park with friends. Julian, his pre-school buddy Shirine, Arthur, and Shirine’s little sister, Lily, had fun splashing in the water at Lakeside. The cute thing is that Arthur and Lily will be the only new children admitted to Julian’s pre-school next year, and they will be the only two year olds. Luckily neither of them, being younger siblings and all, care much for children their own age.

facebook_001 facebook_002 facebook_003

After water fun, we had a picnic and let the kids (mostly Arthur) frolic in the grass. He actually got to run around nekked for a good while, and I can’t say I’ve ever seen him happier.


Afterwards, because this wasn’t fun enough already, we took the boys for a pony ride. Did I say this was Jeff’s birthday weekend? Just kidding. Once you have kids nothing is about you ever again. Congratulations.


Then we stopped for ice cream. Which required some concentration.


Because clearly we hadn’t provided our children with enough stimulation. Julian showed his appreciation with a meltdown of epic proportions.

But none of that matters, because that night we had a babysitter, and Jeff and I went out for a lovely dinner. And a midnight bike ride through Brooklyn Bridge Park.


The next morning Jeff got a special breakfast of bacon and eggs – and cake.


Then we got on the bikes and took the ferry over to Governor’s Island to the annual Jazz Age Lawn Party.


We love going and looking at everyone in their fancy, oldtimey outfits. We had a picnic and tried not to let the boys annoy us with their bickering and jumping into the guacamole. Some days they are the best of friends, like 6 out of 7 days, but that one day. That one day. I have no pictures of the picnic. The boys were crazy. But here are Julian and I listening to 1920 tunes. Or were we checking out the the swimsuit competition?


Anyway. Since it was Jeff’s birthday, we decided to go to our favorite place on earth to share a pitcher of beer: Brooklyn Crab.

We had the boys go to bed early (or on time?) and ordered Five Guys for dinner.

I can’t speak for Jeff, but it sounds like it was a pretty good birthday weekend. If you’re under the age of 5 – or closely related to someone in that age rage. That’s us! Yay!

Happy Birthday, baby. We couldn’t love you any more!

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