Brother Boys

Every day I wonder what it’s like to have someone following you around all day, admiring your every move, and following along with just about any game or suggestion you might have. Someone who thinks you are the coolest/funniest/bestest kid on earth. All of which will make both people involved insanely happy.

It sounds pretty magical.

I also wonder what it’s like to have someone to show you all the tricks, cheer you on, and defend you. Someone who will always wait for you, even though his legs are longer, he can run faster, and ride a bike faster.

That, too, sounds pretty amazing.

That’s what I see every day in my two boys. Little and big brother, just doing their thing.

Things have been getting more opinionated around here, mostly because Arthur will no longer give up any old toy just because his big bro says he wants it more. Or first. Or whatever. I’ve given up. Sometimes I ignore the fighting and let them figure it out on their own, sometimes I stick up for whoever is right, and sometimes I set the timer, and the boys take 5 minute turns.

But mostly I just sit back and enjoy. Because they have so much fun together.

They ride all over Brooklyn together at lightning speed.


They break rules.


They help each other out.

IMG_3088 IMG_3090

They put on shows.


They dine in style.


The push, they shove, but also they will always stop and turn back when the other has fallen. They will always offer a hug. Yesterday, after nap, Arthur laid down next to Julian in his bed, and their faces were so close, and they just laid there and smiled at each other. Those are the moments that make all the bickering worthwhile.

Just someone please remind me when they start fighting over an arbitrary amount of space on the kitchen floor tomorrow. Because, you know, no other inch is quite like one your brother is already standing on.

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