We can’t get enough of…

…Coney Island.


This was our fourth (?) trip there this year, and we’re not tired of it. Not sure that will ever happen.

This time around we made it a proper beach day – which is only note-worthy/impressive because we managed to bring all of our gear on the bikes. Including a beach umbrella, small cooler, and sand toys.


We spent a few hours on the beach eating sand and sandwiches, and the boys loved every minute of it.

IMG_2041 IMG_1974

The great thing about having the bikes with us is that we can easily store everything (nothing valuable, of course) in them so we can walk around without carrying a million things. Except I carried Arthur.


We didn’t bring a carrier, but I wanted to help him get back on the boardwalk from the beach, and the sand was hot. So we made a wrap out of two African kikois. We bring these with us wherever we go. They have served as blankets, towels, cover from the sun, scarves – and now a baby wrap. It’s probably what they were intended for in the first place.


First stop after the beach was the Wonder Wheel. All four of us went; it was Arthur’s first time – in a swinging car, no less. I actually got quite spooked. I had forgotten how mildly terrified I was when I went for the first time with Julian. Arthur, of course, couldn’t have loved it anymore.

Then the boys got to go on all the rides, followed by ice cream.

Once we got back on the bikes, they promptly fell asleep. So we decided to keep riding to Sheepshead Bay. They took a nap on the bike….


…and the blanket.


One of the things I love most about bike riding is that it brings back so many memories. Everywhere we go we are always reminded of something that happened there or someone we met or something we saw. Yesterday we rode around Sheepshead Bay, a neighborhood I had only been to once before, many years ago on a bike ride with Jeff – long before the kids. As we sat on a bench watching our sleeping children, we reminisced about the good times we had there. All of a sudden I am transported back in time to sitting in a tiny seafood restaurant with my (then) boyfriend, and it is so lovely. Lovely to have these memories, and lovely to have a way to keep them alive.

We ended the night over pasta at a small restaurant. Arthur shoved his face with calamari and mussels, although he was convinced the latter was “egg.” Julian ate his weight in meatballs.

We rode our bikes home in the dark. The boys got to eat popsicles in the bathtub at 10pm. How they both managed to wake up before 7am I don’t know. It defies everything I understand and/or believe in.

Oh, also, James Dean here:


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