Arthur’s visit to the firehouse

Yesterday was a big day for our little guy! Arthur delivered his pacifiers to our local firemen.

Both of our boys are/were huge pacifier lovers. They both love one in their mouth and one in each hand. They were both specific about which ones go where. No, they are not interchangeable!

The pacifiers were for the crib only or for moments where comfort was needed and a kid was particularly tired or sad.

Anyway, when Julian was just a little bit older than Arthur is now, I decided in the spur of the moment that it was time to let them go. So I made up a lie. “Julian! Guess what! While you were sleeping, a fireman came by and picked up all of your pacifiers! Isn’t that so cool?” He thought so. He never cried over it, never lost any sleep or asked where they were. He knew they were in a good place, the best place: with the firemen. But I wasn’t very prepared for my lie. In fact, as I was telling him what had happened, I was still secretly grabbing his pacifiers out of his crib and hiding them in my hands.

So with the second kid I thought it through a little bit more. I told Arthur a day in advance what would happen, and yesterday morning it was time to bag those babies up.


He carried them around for a bit and then put on a shirt for the occasion.


Thankfully the firemen were there and not too busy when we arrived, so Arthur got to hand over his bag of Schnullis (that’s what we call them) to one of the guys (they are all so nice, by the way). Arthur was so good about; and then he got to sit in a firetruck!


After a minute or so the alarm in the fire station went off, and the friendly fireman said in a slightly alarmed, rushed tone, “Hey buddy! Did you have fun? Ready to come down?” Arthur was all like, “No? What’s the rush? Got anywhere else you need to be?”

We still had time for a photo before the engines took off…


It was impressive. Once we got to the scooter/bike park, I told Arthur that the fireman had slipped me a little something for him, a surprise, to help him sleep at night. And he got this dog that he immediately carried everywhere.

IMG_1125 IMG_1126

Arthur has been talking about where his Schnullis are quite a bit. And he always emphasizes that it’s because he is such a big boy now (both arms high in the air as far as he can reach). But he’s also been a little bit sad when it’s time to go to bed and in the middle of the night. He misses them.

But I know he’ll get over it, and if he’s anything like Julian will talk for years to come about where his pacifiers went and think it’s pretty cool. At least I hope so.

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