Hey, Brooklyn, keep it coming.

The last weeks have been a mix of really good times and kind of annoying times. The boys are either great or pretty “improve-worthy.” I’ve also been just busy and also tired. But we did have some fun…play with friends, jumping in a bouncy house after a rain storm in New Jersey…


…pancakes at Junior’s…


…and a great day spent in Roosevelt Island. New thing learned: Julian is obsessed with maps.


Jeff took some lovely photos at Roosevelt Island, if you’d like to see…

_MG_2119 _MG_2067 _MG_2042-XL

Julian was literally crying his eyes out because I was in a tree.

The boys loved taking the tram over the river and exploring the island. There are some cute playgrounds and a lovely new park named after this guy. Because a whole island wasn’t enough.


We’ve spent hours (days?) at Brooklyn Crab, eating shrimp and fried food with friends and family.


There has been plenty of ice cream. And yesterday we had a solid, good Brooklyn day. We started off with a pony ride…

IMG_0623 IMG_0826

…then some water fun and lunch at Lakeside in Prospect Park.

IMG_0664 IMG_0827 IMG_0829

Holy french fry. The boys loved it. We forgot the swimsuits, but no one cared. While we were at our cousins’ house in NJ, celebrating the two boys’ birthdays, we had Julian strip down to his underpants because he had already burned through his spare outfit jumping around in the rain. All the kids laughed at him: the kid in underpants. Turns out Brooklyn kids don’t care. No one even noticed, and he wasn’t the only one. Underpants win.

Next up: Nap. Jeff, Julian, Arthur and I all napped while Julian played in the grass. Arthur was nuzzled in my arm, his wild hair in my face, and I fell asleep while looking at the leaves blowing in the wind. It was so peaceful and so lovely. Then we woke up and jumped all over each other:

IMG_0724 IMG_0825

We rode our bikes through some of the nature paths yesterday. It’s so lush and green and nature-y. You forget you’re in the city. Until you hear a siren, of course.


We hit a playground and watched the boys play. Julian spent most of his time in the tire swing with a couple of little girls. They were giggling and having so much fun. At one point Arthur approached them and tried to get on. One little girl said, “Wait! He can’t get on.” And Julian, without hesitating, replied, “Yes, he can! He’s my brother!” And it was settled. Arthur hopped on and made sure he became everybody’s friend within 20 seconds, like he does. I shed a tear. I’m so thankful for moments such as this one. Moments that remind me that we’re ok. That our kids are good, and kind, and growing into decent people. Amidst the bickering we’ve heard lately and fighting and disobedience, this was a sweet reminder.


Then we stopped for pizza in Park Slope and ended the day with a ride through Brooklyn Bridge Park. We checked out some of the new art exhibits (Please Touch the Art) – so fun.


And finally, as the sun was setting, ice cream.


Thanks, Brooklyn, for this lovely day. We adore you so much. And today: Coney Island! To be continued…

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