We needed this.

We all needed a good day. Sunshine, water fun, good friends, a picnic. We had just that. image The kids ran around all morning drinking sprinkler water (Arthur), dumping water on brother’s head (Julian) and putting pretend “banana peanut butter apple” on his friend Mae (Julian). Also, dandelions: image image Julian picked a couple of dandelions for me for “Mother’s Day.” It kind of made up for the actual Mother’s DayAlmost. 

I took the boys home in their swim suits, bellies out and all, and we caught lots of smiles. They were a reminder that summer is around the corner. imageimage I arrived at the park with a numb face (thanks, dentist), after yet another meltdown and a dozen broken eggs (thanks, Arthur) and shed some guilt-tears talking to my friend about yet another time I had lost my patience – but the morning made us forget.

The smell of sweat and sunscreen and peanut butter on my boys. I want to bottle it up and open that bottle in 20 to 40 years. Or as needed.

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