Birthday Week

Oh my. Our birthday marathon is over. We now have a four and a two year old living under our roof! So far four has been whiny and quite a bit of work, and two (for the one day that he has been two) has been sweet. We’ll see how it plays out for the rest of the year.

We celebrated a few days early so that all of the Delaware/New Jersey family could make it. The boys got to invite a handful of friends, but with siblings and family we ended up having 14 kids under our roof. We adore all of those kids so much. The kids played and decorated/ate cookies, and everyone had a good time.


We sang for the boys separately this year because I was still guilt-ridden by the Happy Birthday song at their first joint party last year when Arthur turned one….”Happy birthday to Julian! …. and Arthur.” Arthur was so happy this year (not that he cared at all last year), and I totally shed a tear. My baby.

facebook_002 facebook_001

Oh, also, there was cake.


Julian got a bike and the M4 bus for his birthday, as requested he had wished for. He is in heaven. Arthur got (Julian’s old – sorry second kid!) balance bike, a kid vacuum cleaner (huge hit), and a truck from us. He is also pretty pleased.


Julian got to celebrate his birthday in school with his friends, and he brought cupcakes.


After school we took him to the playground of his choosing, treated him to strawberry lemonade, and ended the night eating pizza and playing with friends in their backyard. It was a perfect day.


Not to be outdone, Arthur also had a terrific birthday. We went for a bike ride in Prospect Park, hit a playground, and had a picnic. The boys got filthy playing in the dirt and climbing and jumping and doing boy things. Just as it should be.

IMG_9551 IMG_9599


Then we went to our favorite place on earth, Brooklyn Crab, where we spent a few hours eating peel & eat shrimp, fries, ice cream, and drinking beer. It was so relaxing. Arthur agreed:



I think our boys were plenty celebrated. Now on to the most important day of the year: Mother’s Day!


(If you’ve made it the end of this, woah. Holy birthday shenanigans. Thanks for reading!)

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