Biking FTW

When we’re out riding bikes with the kids, we get so many comments and looks, 99% of them positive. Of course there is the random kid who is offended because he shouldn’t be walking in the bike lane and says, “Yeah, that’s safe.” The truth is, it actually is safe. Our boys hurt themselves way less when sitting on a bike than while, say, walking. Because they can’t physically walk. They run. And then they trip. And fall. And so it goes. Anyway, back to biking.

Most people will say really sweet things and inquire about our bikes. Julian will tell them, “It’s a Dutch bike!” We have a little speaker with our favorite songs; we’re always well equipped with snacks and stop frequently to play or have coffee or munch on Graham crackers.

Yesterday we rode around Brooklyn…over to Jane’s Carousel and into Williamsburg.

IMG_8662 IMG_8708 IMG_8709 11093140_580609918745668_1103517351_nIMG_8713

My favorite part about this whole bike riding thing? It’s actually a completely non-draining activity for us. Relaxing, in fact. Today we rode 25 miles. We started in Brooklyn, rode over the Brooklyn Bridge, over to the West Side, up to Central Park, around the park and up to the Harlem Meer, further up to 127th Street and back down on the West Side and back over the bridge and home. We left at 10:30am and returned at 7pm. We had sandwiches in the park, looked at boats and horses, and played a lot.

IMG_8721 IMG_8747

We see so much. They boys are always entertained and seriously never complain, although today towards the end everyone was tired. But during the day, when they are tired, they nap. And I just love riding through our city. We see neighborhoods we normally might not explore, and each trip can take an adventurous turn. We can go anywhere.


Anyway, my point is this: I woke up feeling crappy today. I had been awake for almost 3 hours in the night because of Arthur’s cold and Julian’s bad dream and my inability to fall back asleep. I have a cold myself. I woke up and felt like someone had hit me over the head. So I had two options: I could have been lazy today and let the boys play and hang around the house and probably get on each others’ nerves before long. Or I could suck it up and get on my bike and enjoy the day. I felt much better outside than I know I would have on my couch. Lazy days are amazing. It’s awesome to stay on the couch and watch movies and read a good book and drink tea. But once you have little kids and a small apartment, that is pretty much not an option.

So we enjoyed our day together.


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