Sick of winter and sick in general

Last week was pretty ridiculous. But I want to start off on a high note. On Friday evening, when Jeff came home from work, we all went out to dinner to a BBQ restaurant in our neighborhood.


The food was good, and the children behaved. A band played country music and Julian was enthralled and basically looked at the musicians the entire time. They talked to the boys and let them touch their guitars. It was pretty awesome for them. And for us? It almost felt like a date. Yes, the little people were there, but we were celebrating the end of a long week. When Jeff asked me to dance with him right there in the middle of the restaurant, where no one else was dancing, I said yes. And for a glorious minute or so it truly felt like we were alone. Until, of course, Julian wedged himself between our legs and danced with us.

Other than that, well, the last week has been a bit rough. Let’s see.

  • There was a stomach bug. Julian woke up two nights in a row having vomited in his bed. He was so sick for 2 days. He just laid around, slept, didn’t eat, and let Arthur and me pet his head and back.
  • The day after Julian was better, Arthur came down with a cold. That meant: getting up with him every 30 minutes to an hour for 2 nights in a row. Rocking him. Singing to him. More breathing treatments. General sadness. Then, on night 3, when his cold had subsided somewhat and his breathing had improved, he was so irritable from his eczema that he couldn’t fall asleep. He was so tired that he would nod off, only to wake himself 30 seconds later and scratching himself raw. At 11pm I trimmed his nails, lubed him up in steroid cream, and for the first time ever gave him an antihistamine.
  • Jeff worked non-stop all of last week. On Thursday, the day of before his meeting, he came home at 2:30 am. So that was technically actually Friday.
  • This morning I took Arthur to his allergist, where we were lucky to get a last minute appointment. We got a bunch of new prescriptions and ideas on how to make him more comfortable and prevent the constant itching. Also, yay! Wait for it….blood draw. Arthur was pissed and then sad. Thankfully a lollipop and the firetruck outside the doctor’s office made him forget his woes for a minute.


  • Last but not least: What is up with this spring? What is happening? Where is the sun? We are ready for our first bike ride, so come on, winter! Move along already. We have had enough.

In between all this annoyingness, I’ve been trying to eat food that made me happy.Image-1

And despite everything, we’ve been having fun. The boys are awesome and make us laugh. They are sweet to each other. They are so loud.


They are narwhals and unicorns.


They fight over trains.


On this one day Arthur gave me hope that there will be a time when he will be able to hold my hand without trying to run away.


They humor me for hoodie selfies.


The jump!


They love.


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