Just another (Satur)Day

Some days are just perfect. I mean, not perfect as in perfect, but perfect as in an optimal representation of our lives.

Such as today:

We were invited to a party at Build-a-Bear. Which, in theory, sounds like fun. But. If you know us and have met my children, you might say, “Huh. Really?” So we went. It was the day after yet another snow fall (also: happy first day of spring, everyone!), so it was a nice thing to do on a Saturday morning. In theory. Of course Julian hates any and all organized activity, and Arthur’s goal in life is to run away. So we had one kid who was acting as if we’d brought him to a two hour long doctor’s appointment (including shots!), while the other kid tried to get away on the elevator. The stress factor was high for two hours solid.

This picture pretty much says it all: Julian is in the corner pouting because his parents had the audacity to bring him to a commercial funplace such as “Build a effing Bear” and Arthur is only stationary in that place for one second because it took him a moment to figure out how to get down without breaking his neck.


So that part of the day was annoying. But then we left, and magically our children were transformed again into the people that we know. They were chatting and laughing and getting sleepy for naps. I took a nap, too.

After naps we decided to go for a walk. But not before the boys fought and cried over who got to ride which scooter. Tears. Drama. Once we were outside: happiness. Scooting. Speed. Fresh air. Rosy cheeks. Then they ran around at the park, beating snow piles with sticks, chasing balls and each other, and climbing up and down stairs for all eternity. While Jeff and I sat on a sunny bench and watched. Or not. These moments are the moments that make up for all the Build a Bears and scooter fights and pushing and screaming. The moments where I see friendship and caring and fun times between the boys. The moments where I can sit on a bench with my favorite person and hold hands.


It was the golden hour, and the light was perfect, and my boys were happy, and so was I. I have no pictures to prove it because it was so nice to just sit there.

Living with two irrational creatures (i.e. children) and one husband (who OMG shaved his beard, finally, thankyouverymuch) isn’t always peachy, but it is what I would choose over and over and over again. We won’t be back to build a bear any time soon (read: ever), but I know that everything else in life balances out. The screaming is redeemed by peaceful playing. The feeling of being drained is redeemed by a quick nap (or a cup of coffee). The not-obeying is redeemed by a wonderful bedtime story – one that Julian tells me. He’s gotten into telling me stories. Stories of animals and friends and subways and busses. They get ice cream and get lost in the woods and sometimes there are witches and wolves. It’s my absolute favorite. A glimpse into the mind of an almost-four-year-old.

Anyway. The kids are in bed. Jeff and I are eating Five Guys for dinner. All is good in the world.

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