Arthur at 22 (months)

Arthur. I feel like it’s time I write a little bit about Arthur. Our funny, sweet, blond whirlwind of a boy.


These days there is very little baby left in Arthur. In less than two months he will be two years old. Where those two years have gone, I simply don’t know.

Arthur is very much into trains. Shocking, right? He lies on the floor next to his brother and plays forever. When we’re going for a walk, he pretends to be a train. He stops and smiles up at me, his little tongue making the air brake sound, and he says his word for train. It’s a word that actually sounds nothing like train, in either language, but it means train and he uses it for nothing else. And then he runs and stops while making train sounds. Up and down the streets of Brooklyn.


Arthur’s favorite song is “Uptown Funk.” Hands down. We listen to it on repeat for as long as I can take it. His second favorite song is “Shake It Off.”

Arthur’s favorite animals are a moose and a horse. He calls them “Mmmmmm” and “ho ho ho.” He also loooooves his Olaf. Olaf and Elmo get to sleep with him every night, along with an assortment of books, toys, and his trusty flashlight. Buzz Lightyear watches over him as he sleeps.


Arthur’s favorite person is Julian. These two are still not tired of each other. They play and run and dance and color. All day long. I think Arthur secretly thinks he will be turning four in May, not two. He can jump and do somersaults, and he rides his scooter at lightning speed.


Arthur’s favorite food is an egg. He will eat anything as long as it is served with egg. Broccoli, spinach, sweet potato egg. That’s totally a thing.

Arthur is very determined, and when he doesn’t get his way he stands in front of me with both hands slapping his thighs in mad despair, while he screams “Ja Ja JA!” Like that will change my mind. Nice try, kid.

In general, much less fazes me about this kid. The joy of being the second one, I guess. Arthur still isn’t much of a talker. But somehow he manages to make most of his needs very clear. Julian and I are both experts at speaking “Arthur.” He’s also started to sing. La la la!


Arthur is learning his letters and numbers thanks to the NYC subway system. He also thinks every restaurant with an “A” rating is named after him. Because A is for Arthur!

Arthur does his breathing treatments very diligently every day. We snuggle on the couch together and watch a show. His favorite is “Frozen”, “Super Why” and YouTube videos of subways, Metro North, and the Long Island Railroad. They are all pretty much over his head, but he doesn’t mind, because like I said in his mind he is a four year old kid.

Arthur is very lovey. He won’t sit still for very long, but he loves to read and snuggle on the couch. And he loves giving kisses and hugs. Arthur is the first one at the door to greet his Papa every night, and my favorite is when Jeff gets him out of bed in morning and Arthur comes flying into the kitchen and into my arms faster than his legs will carry him. “Hier kommt Dein Arthur, Mama!” says Julian.

When Julian is hurt or upset, Arthur will literally drop everything and run to his side. He’ll hug him until Julian is comforted. I love that they can comfort each other. It makes my heart so happy.


When I ask Arthur if he is a big boy or a baby, he insists he is a baby. But everything about him says otherwise. Anyway, I have two more months of him being one, and maybe after that we can start talking about being a big boy. Maybe.

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