Opa’s back!

Opa’s in town! He arrived on Saturday. Of course it is still the absolute worst month of the year (scratch that, I just remembered it is March, but oh man, hello snow, so whatever). We haven’t been up to much. But the boys are super excited to have Opa around, and so am I. We just play at home, read, drink beer and lots of coffee, and you know, moments like this.

IMG_5953 IMG_5969 IMG_6014

We made playdoh. We painted. Arthur went nuts. Towards the end he started coloring on the chair, his legs, the walls. Note there is actually no paper in front of him. I had just given up.


I stuck him in the bath and wanted to take his shirt and diaper off before he sat down, but oh well. Also note the look of guilt. (Just kidding. This child has no remorse.)


But hey, it’s nice to have my Papa around. I just wish the weather wasn’t so crappy. Julian keeps asking, “What is San Diego?”



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