Mama Moments

On Friday we picked up Jeff from work, an event that had been anticipated for a few weeks. Most of all because the boys get to ride 13 stops on the subway (plus 1 transfer!) from Julian’s school to Columbus Circle. Oh, the excitement.

Here are the boys holding hands on the train. Because…I don’t know why. Love.


Since we got there early, we bought two face-sized cookies and killed some time running around Time Warner Center.


Everything was great, until the moment Julian said he had to go to the bathroom, so I had to strap Arthur in the stroller (SCREAMING) and rush everyone off to the nearest bathroom. Where Arthur and his lungs made sure everyone knew we had arrived. When I heard the automatic flush on the toilet I rushed in the stall just in time to see Julian’s expression of pure terror. I’d forgotten about the automatic flush, and he didn’t know it even existed. So. Somehow his underwear got soaked from the water. Julian was on the verge of a meltdown. Meanwhile: Arthur was still screaming and had also has managed to almost wiggle himself out of the stroller straps. So we ran to H&M and bought cool Star Wars-themed underpants. Because: awesome. And then, amidst the annoyed 20-somethings shopping at H&M, I changed my son in the dressing room. While the other son still screamed. Nothing I did could console him. So I asked Julian to hold his hand, while I did something really important…like dab the sweat off my forehead or try to not make eye contact with anyone near me. And then this happened:


Total silence. Kisses for Arthur’s hand. And Arthur just calmed down and looked adoringly at his brother. Amazing. Finally one of my kids is coming in handy.

Jeff offered me a beer immediately when we arrived at his work. And Julian elaborated on Papa’s duties at work: listening to records, saying hi to his friends, and drinking beer. Spot on, kid.


We watched the sun set up from the highest floor of the Hearst Tower. Just in this moment Arthur spotted (or imagined seeing) a horse and jumped up and down making his horse sound/word combination. Ho-ho-ho!


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