On being born

Last night I had a conversation with Julian that really made me think…

I asked him very open-ended questions about what it was like when he was in my belly. I asked him if he remembered being in there. He immediately said yes. I asked him what it was like. Julian said it felt good. It was dark and warm, and he was happy. But he didn’t have any room. He said he heard my voice but he didn’t know that I was his mama. I asked him if he was talking to people, and he said yes. He said he was talking to family.

When he came out Julian said he didn’t want to come out. He said he was scared.

The fact is that he wasn’t coming out. My water had broken, and 24 hours later Julian had to be born via c-section. He said it was bright and loud.

Now…all of those things are so spot on and exactly how I would imagine it would feel like being born. But Julian is 3. I doubt he has ever spent much thought on any of these questions. His answers came out without having to think about it.

It kind of blew my mind and made me happy at the same time.

Here Comes The Son

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