Shake it off

Yesterday we met our friends at the diner for pancakes – after Arthur’s first dentist appointment, ever. According to Arthur, it was also his last. Everyone in the office commented on his amazing lung capacity. No news to me, thank you very much.

Once our bellies were sufficiently full of pancakes, we started heading home. Just like every day, it was freezing outside. We had to stop at the store to buy milk. Arthur was in the Ergo, all glorious 33 pounds of him, and Julian was dawdling behind me. In my mind I was already 10 steps ahead… Get everyone home, wash hands, read books, and hello, nap time. But it’s always that time of day when everyone’s energy is sinking and my patience levels are low. I was telling Julian to keep up and was silently annoyed at the heaviness of the gallon of milk I had just picked up from the shelf.

And there it was. Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” started playing. Oh, blessed pop music. Julian said, “Wait a minute!” and started singing along immediately. Arthur was bopping in the Ergo. And before long we were walking down the isles singing out loud and shaking it. Off.

We sang all the way home.


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