Everyday stuffs

This weekend we had a few things we had planned on getting done, and we did none of them. Instead we enjoyed being together and having Papa home.


We took the boys to the Brooklyn Children’s Museum…

IMG_5610 IMG_5470

…and Jeff and I each spent some one-on-one time with the boys. Julian and I went to see the movie “Paddington,” which according to Julian was both “long” and “funny.” So there.

But mostly we just hung around at home and did everyday things, and sometimes those things are the best. And we wore pajamas all day long. (In fact, when we went out for pizza on Sunday night, Arthur may or may not have still been wearing his pajama shirt…)

IMG_5605 IMG_5607 IMG_5609 IMG_5611 IMG_5402 IMG_5358 IMG_5348 IMG_5286 IMG_5606

Today was a warm enough day that allowed for a nice walk and some serious puddle jumping.


I really enjoyed having Julian home from school this weak for winter break. I love having him around. He’s such a solidly good kid, so kind and smart and sensitive and emotional and sweet. And then there is Arthur. His favorite thing right now are eskimo kisses. He always ends them with a kiss on the lips, and sometimes he will cup my face in his hands. It’s adorable. He makes us laugh and hold our breath a million times a day. One second he is trying to climb up the kitchen counter, the next he is diving head first off of the living room table. He’ll land on his head, get up, and laugh. That’s Arthur.

Most days I can’t believe my luck.


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