A day to remember/forget

Tonight, as I’ve conquered bedtime on my own for the 500th time in a row (or so it seems), I am going to choose not to think about the terrible morning we’ve had and all the times I’ve lost my temper. I’ll try to remember that my boys will learn about forgiveness and that their mama is human.

I’ll try not to focus on our bad moods this morning but rather think about our good friends who came to play with us and who put up with us and told us it was ok.

I will stop bitching about the cold and will think of the glorious snow angel Julian made in our neighbor’s backyard. I will think of playing hide & seek with my boys in the snow and marvel at their terrible “hiding” skills. No, just lying down in the snow with your bright red snow pants does not make you invisible, kid.


I won’t think about the glass of red wine Arthur spilled over dinner, over my phone and computer and the chair, but will rather be thankful that I have wine and a kid who is very eager to toast. I am so thankful for wine. Especially tonight.

I won’t feel bad about screaming “NOOOOOO” as I watched Arthur dump a big cup of water out of the bathtub and will rather think about him afterwards and how he apologetically kissed the tub for his faux pas.

I won’t feel guilty about parking my kids in front of the TV before bedtime while doing 30 minutes of yoga.

I’ll try not to miss my husband tonight and will enjoy the time I have to myself.

I will try to remember/forget that the last thing out of Julian’s mouth tonight was, “Mama, was heisst denn ‘Scheisse’?” (“What does ‘shit’ mean?”)

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