Bite me!

Gahh! Life!

Also: winter. And cold. Just until right about now I haven’t felt like I’ve had anything to complain about. This winter has been much easier on me than last winter. And that’s solely based on the fact that my boys are older and more independent. But come February I am over it. It’s been cold for a long time, and it will be cold for a while longer, and actually right now it is really, really super cold. It is so cold that Arthur requests gloves when we step outside. Even for his stubborn mind the cold is just too much. So we’re pretty much over it. Not a day goes by when we don’t talk about bike rides and ice cream and playground fun.

That said, we’ve had a great week. We’ve adventured with our friends on “Adventure Tuesday“, I met some old friends for a lovely dinner, we’ve been invited to a fun kid birthday party and to play on a cold Sunday morning.

IMG_5223 IMG_5224 IMG_5225 IMG_5227

Jeff has been working non-stop. Late all week and every day this weekend. Next week he will be traveling, and after that we can claim again as ours.

We’ve been getting crafty. On a side note, you’d think that having a kid in pre-school would guarantee me an abundance of noodle necklaces and heart-shaped cards (Valentine’s Day, anyone?). But my child comes home from school, all giddy with excitement, exclaiming, “Arthur! I have prepared a special surprise for you!” Ten out of ten times Julian will choose Arthur as the special person he wants to do artwork for. (And I’m not sad about it. As much as I love a good noodle necklace.)

IMG_5120 IMG_5096

These guys.


On a much less happy note, Julian had a very tough dentist appointment this week. It was hands down one of the most difficult moments of my life to date. A couple of weeks ago the dentist diagnosed Julian with enamel hypoplasia, something that has caused his molars to kind of chip away. It’s genetic, so not a sign of any kind of deficiency or bad tooth brushing habits (we brush those suckers). So that was a relief and not at the same time.

The treatment itself was mostly painless I was assured, but the panic Julian felt sitting in that chair with all the noise and different tastes happening all at the same time was unprecedented. He was completely beside himself. When he was finally done, he was drenched in sweat. But like most 3 year old kids with mothers who promise them the world (i.e. pancakes at the diner and a new train) in moments of great stress, Julian left it all behind him very quickly. Hopefully it was a one time thing that we won’t have to address again. Fingers – and teeth – crossed.

Let’s end on a happy note, shall we? Here’s my boy with flowers in hand for his friend Lorelei. Heartbreaker.


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