See ya later, kids!

Jeff and I had the most magical weekend “away.” In reality, we were just several stops into Manhattan. But it felt like we were truly on vacation. We had brunch together. Uninterrupted. Without playing dinosaurs or trains or cutting pancakes into bite-sized bits. We went shopping and roamed the streets hand in hand. We had drinks in the cozy library of our lovely hotel. We napped. We had a delicious meal at the hotel’s restaurant, the NoMad. We slept in. We had coffee and croissants in bed. We napped some more.

Also, this was in our room.


The boys did great. They were both so excited about Grammy’s visit and didn’t miss us much, it seems.

Here are the boys waiting for their Grammy.


After 24 hours away, we were ready to come home we could have easily stayed in our wonderful hotel for another 3 days. But alas, we had to relieve Grammy – who was exhausted and was also wondering when I ever get to take a shower. The boys came flying into our arms. I may have shed a tear.

And now we are prepping for the blizzard. That means I did not go to Trader Joe’s today. I don’t know if this is a universal thing or just a NY thing, but whenever snow or any other bigger nature event is predicted, people seem to have a great need to stock up on milk and bread. I get it. I mean, I like to have milk and bread to feed my hungry guys, but come on. How many loaves do you really need. How many gallons of milk will you drink over the next two days? Six? Oh. Never mind me.

We are so excited for the snow! The boys have been pulling their sleds all over our apartment in preparation. We have carrots for the snowman’s nose. Also, we cashed in the last bit of our gift certificate to the wine store, so we will have a case of wine. And really, what else do you need in a blizzard other than wine and food? And Netflix?

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