This & that

I have no idea where this week went. We enjoyed the weekend marathon of kid birthday parties (one horse themed at Jane’s Carousel, one space/astronaut themed, and one dinosaur & tutus themed – a totally winning combination).

IMG_3838 IMG_3908

We spent MLK day in Manhattan with brunch at the Waverly diner and playtime in Washington Square Park.

IMG_3952 IMG_3951

And then the week just got away. But it’s been busy in a good way. Not stressful.

Julian has grown up so much in the last few weeks it seems. All of a sudden he has started to read. It is blowing my mind. And his relationship with his brother is growing stronger and stronger. Julian talks to Arthur all day long, even though Arthur still won’t say much in return. Good morning, Arthur! Do you want to play with me? Let’s play trains! The answer is always Yes.

IMG_3920 IMG_3894

On Monday at the playground Julian got into a thing with another little boy who kept pushing and hitting him trying to get Julian to move away from whatever he was playing with. At first Julian said, “I am not letting go! Stop!” and when the kid wouldn’t stop, Julian grabbed him by the collar of his coat and yelled, “Why are you doing this!?” The boy walked away after that. I watched from a safe distance and was so happy with how the situation was resolved. The day after that we had a difficult play date with one of Julian’s best friends, and while he was fine during the playdate, he seemed pretty sad afterwards. I know it’s so normal for kids to push and hit, and it happens. It’s just sad when it does.

On Wednesday Julian woke up sad and said he wasn’t feeling well. After I told him he wouldn’t get to watch TV all day, he decided to go to school after all. But right before lunch I got a call from his teacher to let me know he had started crying and said he wasn’t feeling well. So Arthur and I rushed to pick him up. He was honestly completely fine once he was home. I think he just needed some TLC. He is such a sensitive kid. I wish I could always protect his little heart, but seeing how he handles himself in difficult situations gives me hope that he will be fine on his own. Oh, and then there is his little brother who is always by his side, hugging the sad away and who will, undoubtedly, push someone out of the way to defend his big brother at some point.


We’ve also been looking into schools for Julian, which is crazy given that he isn’t even 4 yet. But it’s such a crazy world to navigate here in NYC, so it’s good to be informed. Applications for kindergarten will happen this fall. I am kind of excited!

Other than that….oh RIGHT! Jeff and I are leaving the kids with their Grammy this weekend! No big deal. Except we have never done that before and haven’t been anywhere together overnight since before we had Julian. We are going to spend a weekend in city, really just a subway ride from home, but we are so stoked to be able to get away. I can’t wait!!!

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