Adventure Tuesday

Today is Adventure Tuesday! Rather than signing Julian and his friend Elliot up for another soccer class (where the boys’ younger brothers just get to hang around and watch), Elliot’s mom and I decided to get together on Tuesdays and do something fun. Elliot and Julian adore each other, and Elliot has a younger brother, too, who is just so sweet. Two weeks ago we went to Chelsea Piers. Everyone had a blast. The boys just jumped around for hours. Needless to say, everyone took a good nap that day.

IMG_3171 IMG_3172 IMG_3174IMG_3173 IMG_3175

Last week we tended to ear infections and a broken pipe in our apartment, but this week we checked out another indoor play space in Manhattan called City Treehouse. It was adorable. Small, but with just enough stuff to keep our kids busy and entertained. It took a few minutes until Arthur decided to dip his head under the water bubble in the picture below. Because, naturally. He is Arthur. He did it again and again. He also danced forever. I just adore this guy so much.

IMG_3701 IMG_3703IMG_3702

Meanwhile, Elliot and Julian ran around pretending to be a wolf and a lion. Because what else is there to be? On the train ride home we fed our animals their sandwiches and thought about our next destination for Adventure Tuesday.

I finally feel like we’re in a place where outings with the boys aren’t completely stressful and actually rather enjoyable. They are both always so excited to take the subway, so the ride is entertainment enough already. And then once we’re there they explore and have fun. They are both together a lot and with their friends, but also explore on their own. It’s so fun to see their minds at work and not worry about how loud they are or how fast they run or how much they jump.

I can’t wait for spring and all the new places we can explore. At that point we’ll be able to make a day of it with naps on the go for the little ones… Ah, I know, we’re still in the midst of winter, but I can already taste spring and all the glorious bike rides we will go on and all the adventures we will have.

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