Thanks, Santy.

Santa did good this year. We wanted to make sure he had received the boys’ Christmas letters, so we checked in with him in person the day before Christmas Eve.


Julian and Arthur were both a little bit timid, which I think is understandable because holy Santa! Weeks of build-up. Your fate depends on him. Will he bring you the desired garbage truck? The NYC sanitation one with the buttons? Julian made sure Santa knew specifically which one he wanted. And Arthur warmed up enough to give Santa a goodbye hug.

After Macy’s Santaland we visited the train show at Grand Central and spent 127 hours watching the trains go around in loops. It was magical the best thing ever pretty cool.


Riding the actual train got me faces like this:


Just kidding. The boys were tired. They love the train. So much. I could have never predicted how much I would learn about the NYC subway system through my kids. Julian actually knows more than me. The other day he explained the differences of number and letter train cars to me. That was a day after he once again prevented us from getting on the wrong train.

We had grand plans for Christmas Eve (mainly cooking and eating our favorite thing, FOOD), but I was struck by a crazy 24 hour bug that prevented me from doing essential things, such as moving. I stayed in bed all day with body aches, nausea, and a fever. I’ve dreamed about a day in bed for a long time, but when it happens like this, I don’t want it anymore, thank you very much. Christmas Eve dinner consisted of canned chicken noodle soup for the boys.

The next morning I was all better, and more importantly!!!! Santa had come. He brought the holy garbage truck for Julian and a fire truck for Arthur. They were in heaven. Also lots of puzzles, books, and the 2014 Hess truck from Grammy.


This Christmas Jeff really perfected the Bloody Mary. It’s amazing how it goes so well with breakfast, but if you want – amazingly!! – it is also dinner in and of itself! Lots of servings of vegetables! Also, I got back into reading books. Reading is so wonderful.


The day after Christmas we headed into the city and checked out the dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum.


Julian is really into them and wants to know what it says on the signs; whereas Arthur has the attention span of a goldfish and was also slightly intimidated by the dinos. But it was fun. Then we walked around Central Park on what turned out to be most unwinter-like day. It was gorgeous.

IMG_2837 IMG_2773 IMG_2774

Christmas was a huge success. It was so nice to be home with nowhere else we had to be. The boys are busy with their new and old toys. Everyone is getting along.


Santa brought me some cool stuff, too. He was very on target this year. But all in all, I have to say: thanks for trying, Santa. I love everything I got. But really, I already had everything I could have ever asked for:

IMG_2695 IMG_2694

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