The next stop is…

Jeff is working all weekend, so in an attempt to make the best of it and have some fun, we threw on some shades this morning and headed to the boys’ favorite place on earth: the New York City Transit Museum.


We started at the busses. Julian took his job very seriously, collected tickets, and politely asked other kids for a turn.


Arthur pretty much hyperventilated the second we arrived. “Dasssss!” (that!) and “Da!” (“there!”). And he was off. This way, that way. Zero fear in this kid.


We learned how generators power things and stuffs. Although when I asked Julian on the walk home what he had learned, he excitedly exclaimed, “Nothing!” Nice work, kid.


My main job was not to lose anyone and to keep everyone off the third rail. Julian is all business. He knows which trains he wants to visit and then rattles off the next station along with available transfers… “This is a Brooklyn bound A express train!” Quick, Arthur, hurry, we’re going to miss our train…


(These boots. After the museum Arthur went to chop some wood.)


“Thank you for your patience.”

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