I’ve been absent here for a little while because we’ve been busy. And also really enjoying this month of holiday bliss. Julian comes home from school with crafted ornaments for our tree. The boys love our tree. Almost every morning Julian will say, “Papa, I just love our star up high.”

IMG_1917 IMG_1800

We’ve been a mix of very lazy and super busy. Some days we don’t get out of our pajamas. We’ve been listening to lots of Christmas music, drinking hot cocoa and baking cookies. Every morning the boys are excited to open another little gift from their advent calendars. We’ve sent our Christmas cards, colored a lot, and been generally happy to be around each other. Jeff, sadly, is working non-stop (weekends and nights), so we haven’t seen much of him, and when we do see him, the boys flip out because they are so excited and that quickly becomes exhausting.

IMG_1877 IMG_1894

I took Julian to his first play last weekend. He and I went out for lunch. It was so calm and lovely to sit down with him and talk over a hamburger, a beer, pancakes, and OJ. We played rock/paper/scissors. He is such a cool little person; I totally don’t get tired of him (except sometimes when I do). The play, Snow White, was fantastic. Julian and his buddy Elliot had a great time and some good laughs. I can’t wait to take him again.

Everyone is healthy for now. Arthur has been fine for almost a week now! Longest streak since September! On Monday he underwent a food challenge for peanuts at Mount Sinai hospital. It was a long morning of entertaining a wild 19 month old in a small, boring room for 4 1/2 hours while coaxing him into eating spoonfuls of peanut butter every 15 minutes. And yay, holy peanut! He passed. He didn’t have any allergic reactions, so the next day we all celebrated with peanut butter sandwiches. (For those who are interested, Arthur is still allergic to nuts, but the peaNUT, which is technically a legume, is unrelated to the tree nuts and his score for that particular one on the allergy test was low, so the allergist felt that a food challenge was safe. I was still very anxious about it and so relieved about the outcome.)

IMG_1828 IMG_1827 IMG_1843

Mostly, I’ve just been enjoying the boys. I love this stage in Julian’s life. He has become so outgoing with friends and family, and I love listening to his conversations with everyone in his life. And he is just such a lover. He just looooves his friends. He’ll walk up to his friend to hold hands, lean in for a hug, and deliver sweet kisses on the cheek or forehead. It’s always totally unprompted. It’s so funny to see him overcome with a warm fuzzy feeling and act out on it immediately.

10755925_1545821785652672_309165742_n IMG_1861 IMG_1914

Arthur is a wild machine and is making sure our house is never quiet or dull. He sits at the dining room table and blows at our wreath when the candles aren’t lit, just to see what happens. He bounces off the walls, quite literally. He jumps on the bed, flies off the couch, and will run over your feet with his Bobby-Car (a German staple) if you’re not careful.


I wouldn’t want it any other way.

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