A little of this, a little of that.

Friday night a pipe broke underneath our kitchen sink, making the sink (and dishwasher) unusable. Thankfully, we have super reliable super who chose to ignore our repeated messages (This is an emergency!) until late Saturday afternoon. Also: these things never happen on a Monday morning. Always a Friday night. Because yay weekend, and nothing gets fixed on the weekend.

Whatever. We used water from the bathroom sink to make coffee, and that’s all that matters. Especially when you have an Arthur. Arthur, my beloved, sweet, wild child has been driving us all insane. I understand why. It’s because he never feels well. I get it. But apparently that also means that none of us should feel well either. This child of mine hasn’t slept through the night in weeks. Weeks. Loooong weeks. Months? And not only has he not slept through the night. There have been several occasions where Jeff and I spent hours with him in the boys’ room in the middle of the night while he screamed at our faces. Nothing could make him feel any better. So I felt like the least I could do is not leave him alone, and so we sucked it up. During the day we were all tired. So tired. And grumpy.

Silver lining: the other child. Julian. The one that wasn’t screaming (this is why having more than one kid is great. One of them will inevitably act crazy, while there is a chance that the other one may not). When Arthur would start his show (anytime between 10pm and 4am), we would let Julian sneak into our bed. He actually can’t fall asleep there, but he does cuddle up under our blanket, and when I would crawl into bed next to him, he’d place his hands on my head and just stroke my hair in the dark. And then he would hold my hand and give me kisses, all in the quiet darkness as if he knew that after that screaming marathon and exhausting attempts to soothe my baby, this is what I needed.

Last night then, finally, Arthur slept. And tonight he went down without a peep. And for the first time in weeks I had some energy today. I mean, it’s 10pm and I am not yet in bed! Amazing.

On Saturday night I took Julian on a date. He was so excited about it that he had been talking about it for days. On Saturday morning at 7am he jumped into our bed and said, “Today we go on our date.”


We chose Juniors for burgers and cheesecake.


It was so special to be out with my big kid. He was so giddy that he skipped and jumped the entire way there. Over dinner we talked about school, Christmas, trains, and dessert. Julian went for strawberry ice cream; I had cheese cake.


Speaking of food. I love this season. I love winter foods. I love pies and cookies and anything baked. I love sitting on my couch with a blanket and a hot cup of tea. I love scarves and hats and falling leaves. I love watching my sons jump into puddles. I can’t wait to get our tree and hang our stockings. To write letters to Santa and bake cookies. And eat cookies. Did I mention cookies? I love that it gets dark earlier and seeing all the lights on the trees on our street as we hurry home to get warm and play. Or watch movies of Metro North and the Long Island Railroad. Whatever floats your boat, kids.


Anyway. I’m off to get a refill on my tea and cookies and enjoy these moments while no one is screaming. Peace.


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