Of tracks, colds, and guitars

Oh man. It’s been so cold this week. The boys are not impressed.


But Julian had an outdoor field trip today, and he loved it. I guess the cold isn’t as awful when I’m not around. I loved all his little stories, about holding hands with his friend, discovering outdoorsy things, and how his teachers warmed the children with hot cocoa after. It sounded pretty awesome.

Also, the boys have been doing lots of this:

I swear, tracks and trains are a major lifesaver for us. When the boys are fighting or bored or running wild, we build tracks! And magically they calm down and play like this forever. So to the person who invented toy tracks, THANK YOU.

Meanwhile, Arthur (*breaking news*) is sick again. Or still? Since September? Is that a thing? He gets better long enough to remember what it must feel like to not feel awful all the time, and then boom! He catches another virus. Today he’s had a fever of 102. I’ve definitely been getting more cuddles than usual, but overall I am amazed by this child’s sunny disposition.


And since we’re talking about Arthur, I’ll leave you with these. A boy and his guitar…

IMG_1060 IMG_1061 IMG_1062 IMG_1063

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