St. Martin would have been pleased

Yesterday was the traditional German celebration of St. Martin. I grew up making a lantern every year and then walking around town with all the other kids, singing songs and looking forward to eating Weckmänner and drinking hot cocoa.

Because Julian goes to this adorable German pre-school that we love, he gets to experience some of the same traditions, and it warms my heart. Also, he warms my heart:


Yesterday we met all of Julian’s friends from school, their parents, and the teachers at the playground near the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, conveniently located 3 blocks from our house. From there we walked the promenade, singing St. Martin tunes that the kids had been practicing all week. Julian was so proud of his lantern, and we had made one for Arthur as well. At first Arthur’s main goal seemed to be to destroy it as quickly as possible, but then, magically, he seemed content with just holding it.

(They are actually holding the each other’s lantern in these photos:)_MG_8087 _MG_8099

Once we got to the end of the promenade, Julian and I handed out Weckmänner to all of his friends that we had baked earlier that day. And then we came home to hot chicken noodle soup, and everyone was happy.

_MG_8140 _MG_818810808934_663054467148586_1910914416_n

The end.

_MG_8231 _MG_8245

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