Halloween 2014

Halloween was a huge success this year. Both boys were totally into their costumes.

Year one (2011), Julian was Bruce Springsteen. He had no choice in the matter and wore his wig dutifully.


Year two, Julian was a pirate. He cried and didn’t want to wear his pirate hat until we bribed him with enough chocolate.


Year three, Julian wanted to be a fireman but refused to wear the helmet, and Arthur had no choice and was a garden gnome.

1397872_10152668408041029_2044040827_o 1396723_10152668408401029_1730846242_o

This year Julian was very specific about what he wanted to be: a train engineer with a train, but the train was not to have a face (like Thomas) or a number. So Jeff went to town and built this:

IMG_0181Arthur, again, had no say and since he can roar perfectly like a dinosaur, he was, well, a dinosaur. I was worried that he wouldn’t want to wear his costume, but when I asked him on Friday morning if he wanted to be a dinosaur today, he went and got his costume and dragged it over to me. He wore it basically all day…to the playground, to music class, to pick up Julian from school, and for trick or treating. I’ve never seen a better (or happier) dinosaur.

IMG_0098 IMG_0142Julian had a blast at school, where they had a little Halloween party. When I picked him up, he wore his train all the way home with such pride.


At one point he actually said, “I am so proud that Papa made this train for me.” It was adorable. He’s not the kind of kid that will jump up and down with excitement. I’m sure he seems fairly serious to others, but I know his expressions so well. He was over the moon happy yesterday. Everyone commented on his costume. Julian actually said at one point, “Everyone likes my costume. But no one is saying anything about Arthur’s costume!” It was a sweet comment. He was protective of his brother. But it wasn’t actually true. Arthur got his fair share of compliments, just by nature of being tiny and cute and dressed head to toe as a pint-sized t-rex.



Of course Arthur is totally oblivious to it all. He was just happily running around all day, pleased to be my baby dino.

Trick or treating was great. I was worried about the crowds and Julian maneuvering his train, but it was no problem. Brooklyn gets so crowded on Halloween, but after briefly checking out Garden Place, the epicenter of this holiday, we decided to continue on the surrounding streets. Julian was polite and said “Happy Halloween” and “trick or treat” and “thank you” to all. He also took Arthur by the hand on several occasions and asked for candy for his brother, since “my brother can’t say trick or treat yet.”


My main concern was all the candy that Arthur couldn’t eat, and it turned out to be a non-issue. They only ate one piece each while we were out and then actually requested to eat an apple that they were given. An apple! They literally had buckets full of candy.


Julian did state later that he wanted to eat enough candy to get a “candy belly,” but after one or two additional pieces they were satisfied. Anything that isn’t every day stuff is a treat to them. Once they were in bed I sorted the candy into piles. The boys will get treats every now and then from the pile deemed safe for Arthur. I got rid of anything with peanuts or any kind of other nut and am keeping the rest (that was processed in a facility that also processes nuts) in a ziploc bag up high in my cupboard. Wow. This must be really boring to read for anyone who is not me. Anyway, I’ve been eating a lot of candy since yesterday. Winning.

And today? We’ve been lazy. The train is hanging:


And Arthur wanted to wear his costume again before bed and danced with Julian to their latest obsession: the song “Hey Mr. Kennedy” from the movie Inside Llewyn Davis. Every kid’s favorite song, no?


Julian also taught Arthur the endless beauty of ring-around-a-rosie…


Halloween 2014 was a success.

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