To nap or not to nap. No question here.

Why in a city of more than 8 million people is there seemingly only one company (more or less) capable of removing, cleaning, and storing air conditioner units?

I am tired. I’m spending precious minutes while Arthur is sleeping and Julian is in school waiting for the air conditioner guys. Again. It seems every year, twice a year, I spend an entire day waiting for them. They never come when they say they would, but I know if I dare fall asleep, they will ring our buzzer right that very second. Or if I call them I would just have to deal with the indifferent, grumpy old man who’s been answering the phone with his thick Brooklyn accent since 1963.

Arthur was up all night. All. Night. Every hour, sometimes multiple times an hour. Coughing, whining, wheezing, vomiting from coughing, and just generally all around sad. Jeff of course is traveling for work, so he missed the Arthur Show last night. At 10pm I brought my baby into bed with me. It took me 30 minutes to get him to fall asleep. Then he laughed and shook his head “no” in his sleep, woke up, and looked at me like I was crazy to have him sleep there in the first place. So he went back to his own crib. A few hours later I told Julian to go sleep in my bed because Arthur just wouldn’t settle down and I felt bad for Julian who couldn’t go back to sleep. Blessed room sharing. It’s never an issue, ever, except for those few times when it is.

This morning I took Arthur to the doctor. They suspected pneumonia (which, you know, SCARY.), but a chest x-ray thankfully confirmed that it is just another a-hole virus that has taken over my kid. You know, a solid week after he had beaten the previous virus. Ridiculousness. Have you ever gotten a chest x-ray for a kid? Of course I couldn’t get him to stand still, so they had to put him in some sort of upright contraption, and Arthur was not having it. I kept telling him ridiculous things like, “Look! It’s like a bicycle seat! You’re riding a bike!” I’m pretty sure he thought I was insane. Here he is, right before jamming his fingers in the door at the doctor’s office. Because a virus apparently is not enough:


Oh. Right. Arthur is up. The air conditioner guys never showed. I guess I should have taken that nap after all.

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