This week can suck it.

This has probably been one of the more difficult weeks of my life.

It started last Wednesday with yet another cold for Arthur that brought with it a high-ish fever for 3 days and general malaise around the clock.

IMG_8900On Friday my parents arrived from Germany for a 9 day visit. Arthur has been in a bad mood until today. A full week of screaming and being unbearable. Don’t get me wrong, I feel bad for the guy. I do. But I also feel bad for everyone else. Our family, people around us in restaurants, our neighbors, basically all of Brooklyn. Arthur might feel sick, but the kid has an amazing set of lungs.

To add to the list of complaints is the weather (rain: suck it) and stupid Columbus Day. If my kid can’t go to school (and believe me he really wanted to go), then Jeff shouldn’t have to go to work. On Wednesday Julian was the “snack child” at his school, basically the equivalent of king for a day, and he was excited beyond measure. When he arrived at school he was sent home because of a huge fire in the apartment building across the street from his school. He came home sobbing and so so disappointed. Thursday soccer didn’t happen because of blessed rain. So basically absolutely nothing has been happening for a week other than watching Arthur rebound from his cold.

IMG_8923 IMG_8849

Back to his cold. Because I haven’t complained about it enough. Arthur’s been sick before (like, the week before last), but I have never seen such a complete personality change. He was angry all the time, throwing things, screaming with rage, and so so clingy. It was really effing hard. Mostly I really missed him! We all did. It’s like Arthur got replaced by some other kid that kind of looked like him but acted like a complete maniac. Yesterday Arthur woke up and didn’t scream in my face. I got a laugh out of him. I knew things were looking up. Today he’s been himself. He’s been playing and laughing and jumping and begging to ride his scooter and building endless trains.

I feel terrible that this is the one week my parents are here. They’ve really seen us at our worst. Like that one night at dinner when Arthur screamed the entire time (and I should add that nothing made him happy. He wouldn’t sit with me and he couldn’t possibly not sit with me) while we scarfed down a delicious meal of fish and veggies and then Julian complained of a belly ache and voila! The fish and veggies came back up. Ta-da.

I honestly could not keep my head above water this week, or barely. Despite my parents being here and kind of offering an extra pair of hands, although they were totally helpless. I had constant back pain and a headache. But last night they babysat and Jeff and I went out for some Prosecco and togetherness, and I feel cured.

Let’s try to end on a high note. Some highlights this week:

A tense game of Candyland with Oma & Opa:


Playing soccer with Opa:


A bike ride:


Opa & Jules:


These guys playing together:


And most importantly! Arthur finally got his own scooter. The kid is in heaven.


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