Pictures. Also, some words.

We had a great Friday night and an awesome Saturday and kind of a meh Sunday, so let’s just not talk about Sunday, shall we?

We all anticipate Friday night like nobody’s business. Jeff is home most nights during the week, but somehow Friday feels special. Because, you know, blessed weekend times. We made pizza, drank red wine, ate cookies, and made music. Sometimes it’s such a struggle to just “be together” – when children are crazed and nerves are frayed. But Friday night everything just clicked, and we were happy.

IMG_8339 IMG_8354

On Saturday we spent the day on our bikes and rode to Central Park bright and early to beat the lines for the row boats. And we did! The last time I was on one of these little boats was in October of 2010, when I was just barely pregnant with Julian and feeling pretty magical. This time around I had two little boys by my side…not sure where the time went.


Arthur sat still mostly because he fell asleep.


And Jeff paddled while his look-out made sure we didn’t crash into any other boats. It’s a very serious job.


We had lunch in the park and rode around on our bikes. We stopped at a playground where Julian proceeded to do THIS:


…and hung out with Uncle Brian at a playground right across the street from his apartment on the UES.


Also, ice cream.


Then we rode back home over the Manhattan Bridge. It was a full, fun day with probably 25 miles of bike riding. The kids never complained until the very end when Arthur was soooo tired and ready for bed.

Other than that we’ve been scooting a lot…


…eating bananas while checking out the helicopters…




…and building lots of trains. Arthur built this. On his own. Whenever he’s done building a train, he comes and pulls me to wherever his awesome creation is, sometimes accompanied by clapping for himself. He’s just that excited and proud.


Also, I caught him doing this last night. Smiling in his sleep. What is he dreaming about? Trains, presumably.


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