Catching up…

Gah! What’s been going on? Life, I guess. We’ve been busy. Also, we’ve been tired. Arthur has had a cold for two weeks now, and even though he is absolutely not sick anymore in any way, he still wakes up every.single.night demanding to nurse. When he was sick, I didn’t mind. Because: poor, snuggly, stuffy-nosed babe. Now: I mind. Now I want to sleep. I miss my uninterrupted sleep. And Julian and Jeff are kind of over it, too. I saw Julian on the monitor last night covering his ears, so I felt doubly bad. Arthur needs to get his act together, quick.


What else? Julian’s school has been going so great. He has a new teacher this year, whom we absolutely adore. I think she and Julian have a little crush on each other. She is so smitten by him; it makes me so happy.

We’ve had a mix of very busy and very lazy days. Yesterday it rained all day and by noon both boys were crying and demanding to GO OUTSIDE ALREADY. It was precious. Other than that there’s been soccer and music class, lots of playground time and dates with friends.


Today we were at a fun toddler playground in our neighborhood, and Arthur and Julian were on a play structure – climbing up, sliding down. You get the picture. I glanced over and saw Arthur trying to grab a ziploc bag out of a little boy’s hand. A bag full of, you guessed it, nuts. I grabbed Arthur and tracked down the boy’s caregiver, who seemed annoyed by my audacity to interrupt her presumably very important phone call. But you know, lady, those nuts that your charge is eating/distributing all over the play structure, those nuts could make my baby stop breathing. I was really annoyed and a bit freaked out. But frankly, I know from first-hand experience, before you have a child with allergies, you don’t understand what a discarded granola bar wrapper or a bag of nuts could mean for someone else. The other day Arthur was hell-bent to pick up a bunch of cheerios some other kid had dropped at the playground. I was trying to distract him, because, you know, food on the ground is gross. But then I saw, amidst the pile of cheerios, one little peanut. So I pretty much hate nuts right now.

The boys are so awesome together. They play and play and play. And then they chase each other and turn into lions and dinosaurs. Sometimes they annoy the hell out of each other. Yesterday Julian was building with Magnatiles, and Arthur kept destroying his creations. After a while Julian sighed and said, “Mama, I am really disappointed that you can’t watch Arthur better.” True dat, kid.

This afternoon, after naps, I am taking the boys out for a bike/scooter ride. Arthur is so fast on the scooter; it’s unreal. Tonight we’re making pizza, drinking wine and ringing in the weekend. Because weekends are our favorite. Happy weekend, everyone!



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