A Day in the Life, kind of.

Today was a good day despite the fact that it could have really totally sucked. Because Arthur has a man-cold. I think we can all agree that men (husbands!) are the worst sick people. They just suffer so much. Children are also quite dramatic when they’re sick. Hence, I have come to the conclusion, that boy children are the worst of all scenarios when it comes to sick people.

Arthur woke up hourly (at least) all night long, screaming at the top of his lungs. Jeff and I would take turns with our efforts to comfort him and at 6am gave up and brought him into our bed. Arthur sighed and spread out immediately and managed to take up half the bed with his rather small body. I don’t even know how that is possible. He whimpered in his sleep, so that was definitely sad.


Julian showed up at 7am and joined us. And then it was time to get up, even though it felt like neither of us ever actually slept. BUT! Silver lining. There was coffee. Every night we set the timer on our coffee maker – which is an annoying task at the time, when I don’t want to do one more thing in the kitchen at 10pm, but it is so amazing to smell freshly brewed coffee when I open our bedroom door in the morning. So we had coffee, and lots of it. Also apricot cinnamon oatmeal.

I let Arthur take an extended morning nap. Julian played trains, and then we lit some candles and cuddled up on my bed under the covers and read a lot of books. It’s my favorite. I love reading books with Julian so much, especially when they are not the books we kind of rush through right before bedtime when everyone is cranky and tired. Then I let him play some games on the iPad and straightened up. It was just all so relaxing! We had nowhere to be; that never happens.

When Arthur got up, we went for a walk in the rain. The boys loved it. Julian got to carry his umbrella and jump in all the puddles. Poor Arthur needs some rain boots. His sneakers were soaked. We all had a blast. Yay for rain.10684124_1536718766561238_1110443567_n

We had a lunch of scrambled eggs, corn, bagels and cream cheese, bananas and oranges. Everyone was happy. Then more play and books and blessed nap time. Arthur wasn’t actually tired again so he got to hang with me for a bit and watch me make cookies. And then both boys slept.


Even though the sun came back out, I decided that this is officially a rainy day and we will eat cookies and watch movies this afternoon and never leave the house again. Except tonight I am going to a parent info night at Julian’s school. I’m super stoked to sit on the tiny chairs! They are so so tiny. Would it be weird if I brought a pillow for a seat cushion?

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