No rest for the wicked

What a week it’s been! Julian’s been in school now for more than a week (M/W/Fr), and he is loving it so much. He’s so excited to ride the train again and that he gets to bring his lunch. When the door opens after school, he comes flying into my arms, so tired and happy. Yesterday Arthur got the first hug and kiss. It still makes my heart skip a beat when I see my two boys be all lovey with each other.

Julian leaves school with artwork in hand, an empty lunchbox, and a head full of stories. I just love hearing about his day.


I also love spending all this extra time with Arthur. We play and read books and go for walks. I let Arthur borrow Julian’s scooter…

IMG_5987 IMG_5992 …and we sit and enjoy the view from the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. Arthur is such a joy. And he is such a kid. I sat down with him the other day to do some sort of stacking toy, and he pushed it aside and went and got trains for us to play with. He’s so good already at aligning them and switching them around so the magnets work. And he makes a perfect air brake sound. Clearly, Julian is his no. 1 teacher.

On Tuesday my boys and I went to the Transit Museum, a place Julian loves more than life itself. Arthur’s mind was pretty much blown. He hyperventilated when he saw the busses, and then OMG! He got to be the bus driver. It was so much fun.

IMG_5906 IMG_5930

We met our friends for pizza that night at Juliana’s in Dumbo. One of the best pizza places in town, if you ask me.

On Thursday Julian started soccer. To say that I was a bit anxious about this one would be an understatement. Julian is not a fan of structured group activities, cheering, or doing anything because some stranger tells him to do it. I was worried that he would spend the soccer class ignoring everyone and watching from the sidelines.

Enter Coach Evan. The second Julian put on his new soccer shirt and sat down next to his friend Elliot, he basically owned that soccer field. He had so much fun. And he has one hell of a kick, if I might say so. He was high giving the coach and following the instructions. It was also great to see Elliot and Julian reunited. They have such a sweet friendship; it’s really wonderful to see. They both stayed by each other’s side throughout soccer class, and at one point Julian put his arm around Elliot’s shoulders as they were sitting down listening to the Coach. The fact that we all went to get pancakes together afterwards was an added bonus. Here he is; my boy and his game face.

photo 3-1 photo 1

On Friday Arthur had a doctor’s appointment near Columbus Circle. It was so exciting for him that he fell asleep while I was talking to the doctor, in my arms. It was sweet. He napped for a glorious 25 minutes; just enough time for me to get some coffee and scarf down an oven-warm, face-sized chocolate chip cookie. Then my boy and I went to Central Park. It was the perfect day.

photo 3It’s funny…Jeff and I were talking the other day how the view from the Promenade does not get old to us. Every single time I go there (and that’s pretty much every day), the view of the Manhattan skyline still takes my breath away. The same holds true for Central Park. It’s so incredible to be surrounded by trees and (man-made) “nature” and to look around and see all the skyscrapers. I just love it.

photo 2-1

Arthur and I had a blast. He ran around, saw a bunch of horses and birds, and climbed around on a playground. That child has no fear.

photo 4And then our lunch date joined us!

photo 1-1

It was delightful to meet Jeff during the day. Such a treat. And then we got to go out together again at night! We went to Locanda Vini e Olii with a couple of friends and had the tasting menu, which was delicious. I fell asleep in the cab on the way home, so full and content and happy. It was a great end to a busy, fun-filled week – and yay! We got to sleep in until 6:40am today.

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