Back to school!

My baby went back to school today! I had all these sentimental thoughts in my head that I wanted to write down, but then Julian acted like such a beast this week that the first day of school actually came at a welcome time. Julian was SO excited to return to his school and see all his friends and teachers again. He asked for a solid week if today was the day. So, today was the day. I packed his lunch the night before…

photo 1

…and got his backpack ready. We gave Julian some new slippers, a pillow (yup, I bought that for him) and blanket for rest time. He was stoked. And no, I did not know his slippers light up. I got a raised eyebrow from his teacher for that one. Oops.

Julian even let us take his photo on our stoop.

photo 2

photo 3

Just for kicks, here he is on his first day of school EVER last year:


There are a bunch of new kids in his school this year, but some familiar faces as well. He is no longer one of the youngest. Once we got there, he took his shoes off, found his hook, gave us a kiss – and off he went. He never looked back.

I felt neither sad about leaving him nor excited to get a break from him. I just felt very at ease and good. Thankful that he was happy and well cared for. And happy to have some time with Arthur. Although I think both of us were confused by how quiet things were around here. But I just love seeing Arthur’s personality shine through; he is so funny. Who knew eating broccoli and salmon would be this much fun?

photo 4

And then he had a really long conversation with Papa at dinner time (shirts and pants optional). On a 2005 iPod.

photo 2-1

Anyway, Julian was exhausted and happy when we picked him up. I was told he did great, and I loved hearing all of his stories about his day. His favorite part was lunch. He’s totally my kid.

He got a second wind when we decided to go for after school ice cream treats with his buddy Lorelei. The kids ate ice cream and played with the toys they have there at Blue Marble. Oh, Brooklyn, we love you.

photo 3-1

All in all a great first day! Julian is excited to go back to school on Monday. Arthur, meanwhile, is excited to get his hands on an iPod 2001. First generation, yo.

photo 1-1

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