Just thinking about you, kid.

Hey you, my sunshine boy, you. A few more days and you will be 16 months old. Every day you are turning more and more into the kid I know you can’t wait to become. You literally can’t wait. You started army crawling before you were 5 months old, took your first steps at 9 1/2 months, and now at 16 months you are unstoppable. You run, you climb, you are never still. I’ve found you standing on top of the coffee table, kneeling on the subwoofer, sitting on top of the piano. You climb up the stairs to our 3rd floor walk up by yourself. Carrying you is not even an option. You can ride your brother’s scooter. You go down huge slides on the playground on your own. You fall, and you get back up. I am seriously never worried about you. Ah, the joys of being the second child.


You play by yourself so well. You love everything Julian loves. You play with trains, cars, busses. You’ve started pointing out Mini Coopers (no joke), and you get so excited when we see police cars, excavators, the subway, or a UPS truck. You love Thomas the Train and Elmo. You like to look at books, but only on your own terms. You have to hold the book and turn the pages. I am merely along for the ride, even if the book is upside down.


A few weeks ago you’ve started saying a few words. You say “Papa”, “Milch” (milk), “Bye” and “Banane” (banana) – or something that sounds more like bamamamama. My favorite right now is what you say when I ask you what the dog says. You go “fff-fff.” As in wouff wouff, without any of the first few letters. Same for choo-choo. “Ch Ch.”

You make music. You play your guitar, you can play the harmonica (not in tune, obviously. After all you are your mother’s son), and you love the piano. You dance like no one’s watching. Just keep in mind: I always watch you.


My favorite dance with you is our dance. We don’t do it nearly enough, but every now and then I will play “The Greatest Discovery” by Elton John, and you will drop whatever you’re doing and run over to me, asking to be picked up. Then we sway, your head against my shoulder. It’s my favorite.

You are wild and loud and funny. Your blond head of hair and your blue eyes make everyone swoon. You love your brother like it’s nobody’s business. I know you love me, and you just adore your Papa. So much. You give us the tightest hugs and the best kisses. But your brother, he’s a whole other league. You seek his presence constantly. You want what he has, and vice versa. Any attention he gives you is solid gold. He makes you laugh like no one else does. Every night, before I put you in your crib, you run over to Julian’s bed and give him the tightest of all hugs and a big kiss. Julian will say, “Gute Nacht, mein Bruder.” Good night, my brother. I hope you two will love each other as purely as you do now, despite any differences and struggles you might face as you grow older.

I would tell you to slow down a bit, but I realize that goes against everything you are. So I’ll just hope you take me along with you. Try to look for me sometimes when you’re having fun at the playground. Try to let me squeeze and smooch you, for just a second. Never stop dancing with me. Ok?


As you were.


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