Oh, you know, this and that.

Julian starts school a week from Friday! We have two weeks left of our lazy summer days before he will return to his beloved German pre-school. I know I will totally miss him.

Before the summer started I thought it would a long summer. Without being able to send Julian to school, you know. Then summer was here, and it was awesome. School was the least of my worries. I was so happy to have my boys home with me all the time, to be outside and have fun. But then, just as the end is in sight, I started to really really anticipate the beginning of the school year. Julian misses school, too. He’s woken up many mornings asking if he was going back to school today. Two more weeks, kid. And then he will go three days a week, and I’m kind of excited and sad about it at the same time. Excited because he will love it. He will see his friends again and all the teachers he loves, make new friends and learn many new things. Also excited because I will get to spend some good quality time with Arthur. Yes, that 15 month old child of mine who has never had any one on one time with his Mama. I am super stoked. And sad because I know I will miss Julian. Because he’s growing up and having adventures that I won’t be a part of.

What else? We’ve been going on lots of bike rides. On Saturday we rode to Williamsburg and Greenpoint and then into Sunnyside and Long Island City in Queens. I just LOVE exploring the city and seeing places I wouldn’t normally go to. We’re also always keeping our eyes open and are looking at other neighborhoods we might possibly move to in a few years. Neighborhood shopping, you know.

10387890_286499211533886_1236423236_n 10597270_1447134118908802_1528208298_n

Yesterday we spent the day on Governor’s Island. We played and had a delicious picnic of homemade fried chicken and waffles and peaches and rode our bikes around. Arthur took a nap on me as opposed to on the bike, which was such a treat. I don’t get to smooch him enough. He is always go go go.

10601682_810694345641546_469733924_n 925072_718889164813800_1103386678_n

This morning we started the day off right and met our friends for playtime and lunch at the playground. Mondays are always rougher than any other day, so it was nice to see some friendly faces. One of my favorite parts about Julian’s age right now is overhearing him have conversations with his friends. The seriousness with which they approach every day subjects is so adorable and funny and cute. I just want to pinch their cheeks, but I try not to be that annoying mom. How embarrassing, mama.


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